1902 $10 Bill Value – How Much Is 1902 First National Bank of Paia Hawaii $10 Worth?

Value: 1902 notes from Paia, Hawaii #10451 would start at $15,000+ in Fine condition and would quickly increase if the note approaches or exceeds Extremely Fine.

To date, no notes are known to exist from this exceptionally rare Hawaii territorial charter. According to National Bank researcher Peter Huntoon, it is likely this bank never circulated notes. The shipment received from the comptroller of currency was returned upon liqudiation.

A “territorial” issue is a note circulated by a US territory prior to official statehood. National bank notes ceased being issued in May 1935. Given Hawaii became a state on August 21, 1959, that makes all Hawaii charters territorial issues.

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Value of 1902 $10 and $20 notes from Paia Hawaii

Since none are known to exist, these notes would be extremely valuable in almost any condition.

The First National Bank of Paia, Hawaii was chartered on September 26, 1913. It was liquidated less than 4 years later on May 1, 2017.

This small bank only issued 1902 Date Back notes in $10 and $20 denominations numbered 1-200. No Red Seals or Plain Backs were even issued.

National Bank note collectors prefer Serial #1 notes. A serial #1 note from this charter would be extremely valuable, likely exceeding $25,000 depending on its condition.

The Bottom Line

A note in almost any condition from this bank would be a new and exciting discovery. Collectors would be thrilled to add this note to their collection.

Additionally, notes from other cities – with the exception of #5550, First National Bank of Honolulu – would also be quite valuable.

United States National Bank Note History

United States National Bank Note History.

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1902 $10 Red Seal - Front
1902 \$10 Red Seal - Front
1902 $10 Red Seal - Back
1902 \$10 Red Seal - Back
1902 $10 Date Back - Front
1902 \$10 Date Back - Front
1902 $10 Date Back - Back
1902 \$10 Date Back - Back
1902 $10 Plain Back - Front
1902 \$10 Plain Back - Front
1902 $10 Plain Back - Back
1902 \$10 Plain Back - Back
Sell 1902 $10 First National Bank of Paia, Hawaii Bill
Item Info
Charter#10451 First National Bank of Paia, Hawaii
Year Chartered1913, 167 Banks Chartered
City InfoPaia is a census-designated place in Maui County, Hawaii, on the northern coast of the island of Maui. The population was 2,668 at the 2010 census. Paia is home to several restaurants, art galleries, surf shops and other tourist-oriented businesses. Source: Wikipedia
Similar CitiesCity name is unique, no others like it.
Seal VarietiesRed, Blue
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3. 1908 $10 Silver Certificates
Other Info1. Value depends on notes known for charter, condition and market demand.
Neat FactCheck your note's serial number. Serial #1 notes are valuable, even on common charters. Serial numbers 2-4 are also desirable in some cases.
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