Purchase Process

Thanks for your consideration. Here’s a purchase process outline. Click links within each step for detailed instructions.

Purchase Process – How it works:

  1. Submit your note. I will reply with an offer if interested.
  2. I pay customers first by Paypal.com or Escrow.com.
  3. Pack and mail the note. Paper money shipping and packing instructions here.
  4. Ship USPS, Fedex, UPS or DHL insured. If note does NOT arrive or arrives damaged I will request a FULL refund. Insuring packages means you get your money back in the rare event something happens.
  5. Enter package tracking number at Paypal.com or Escrow.com. Funds will be released after package has been delivered. Email me the tracking number also.

Paypal Transactions
Fees: Paypal charges customer 2.9% transaction fee.
Withdrawals: FREE to bank account.
Transaction Duration: 5-8 days. Depends on date note shipped, mail service type and speed.
Benefits: Easy and fast for most notes. Low Fees.

  1. Customer is paid first.
  2. Customer packs and mails note. Customer puts tracking code in Paypal system.
  3. I inspect note upon arrival. See potential refund and return situations below.
  4. Paypal releases funds to customer.

Escrow Transactions
Fees: YOU (seller) are responsible for all Escrow fees, amount dependent. Escow.com Fee Calculator here, use “Antique”.
Withdrawals: FREE to bank account.
Transaction Duration: 7-10 days. Depends on date note shipped, mail service type and speed.
Benefits: Great alternative to Paypal. Slower, more deliberate transactions for higher value items. I am Tier 2 Certified with personal ID documents and address certification.

  1. Escrow Transaction will be arranged. Your email address is required.
  2. Customer is paid first.
  3. Customer packs and mails note. Customer provides tracking code to BOTH buyer and Escrow system.
  4. I inspect note upon arrival. See potential refund and return situations below.
  5. Escrow releases funds to customer.

That’s it, thanks for your business!

FAQs and What Ifs:

1. Why didn’t you reply to me?

Answer: Please allow up to 3 days for a reply. If you do not hear from me, I don’t have interest in purchasing your paper money. Please do not submit multiple times unless you are having technical difficulties.

2. How do you formulate offers?

Answer: Offers are determined by reviewing paper money handbooks, auction results and my own collecting preferences. Notes with investment potential may garner extra premium due to potential resale value.

3. Will you meet or beat another person’s offer?

Answer: Yes! In other cases I’ll step aside. I will advise during negotiation.

4. What if my note is extremely valuable?

Answer: I can connect you with reputable national dealers and major auction houses who can afford it.

5. How do you assess my note’s condition?

Answer: Submit high quality photos or scans. I will request the opposite side of the note before making an offer. Read more about paper money grading here.

Photos can only reveal so much about a note. Other factors include paper quality, paper originality, stains, tears and pinholes which can’t be discerned over the internet. Notes can only be graded accurately by manual inspection.

Any potential defects impossible to discern from photographs are built into my best offer.

The above does NOT apply to notes already graded by PMG, PCGS, CGA or other recognized third party grading authorities.

6. What taxes apply on this transaction?

Answer: I do not pay tax in Florida on coin and paper money transactions. The state is known to be a haven for many coin and currency businesses for this reason.

Transactions completed elsewhere may be subject to local and state taxes. We can discuss this during the purchase process.

You may be liable for capital gains. Subtract the purchase price from your original cost. If the amount is positive, consult state and federal law to determine whether you must pay taxes. If the amount is negative, you may be able to claim a capital loss (deduction).

Please speak with an accountant or tax lawyer for guidance. They will offer counsel based on your specific tax situation. Unfortunately, I can not offer you any guidance.

7. What if you don’t like my note upon receiving the package?

Answer: This almost never happens. The following examples would be grounds for refund:

  • The note I purchased does not arrive/is not inside. Signing for a package only indicates USPS or courier has delivered something successfully. I can still request a refund if there is nothing inside or if you shipped something else. Fraud is a criminal act.
  • Note arrives significantly different from the photos you submitted. Examples include: coffee stains, pen marks, handwriting, rips, tears, glue, dirt, other stains. If any of these should have been obvious from your photos, I will request a refund.
  • Substantial shipping delays not discussed when you accepted my offer. I expect notes to ship promptly. Please tell me if there will be any delays. I will also communicate any scheduling conflicts in advance (travel, holidays, etc). If the note doesn’t arrive in a timely manner, I will request a refund.
  • You airbrushed or retouched photos to obscure defects. I will request a refund.
  • Your note is counterfeit or replica. I will request a refund.
  • Your note is laminated (not common). Laminated means permanently sealed inside plastic by heat. The note cannot be removed without substantial chemicals and labor. I will request a refund.
  • Your note can not be readily removed from its plastic jacket or frame (not common). I must be able to remove and hold the note in my hands. I will request a refund.

8. What if I want my note back a week, month, or year later?

Answer: Please contact me as soon as possible. I will advise if the note was sold to someone else. Unfortunately, I can not share a buyer’s name unless the other party agrees. I reserve the right to NOT sell it back unless I can recoup all costs.

I usually have notes graded. This process involves fees, return shipping and insurance. Therefore your buyback price for a note I just had graded would be: Purchase Price + Grading Fee + Return Shipping (to and from grader) + Insurance. Grading, mailing and insurance fees commonly run $100-$250 per note depending on its value.

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