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PaperMoneyWanted.com buys your old currency

I’ve enjoyed collecting paper money since elementary school. My first acquisition was an uncirculated 1957B $1 Silver Certificate. I still have it to this day.

It was tough collecting currency on a kid’s budget. So I stuck to Fractionals and affordable small-size notes. And my teenage years were no different. I earned money as a dish washer. Still, part of my meager earnings went to currency.

In 2001 I began learning how to create websites. Coding and development was a headache. But I found a home in search engine optimization. It was more strategy than programming. SEO is the process of improving a website’s search engine results.

Later, I combined SEO with my love of paper money. In 2011 I launched PaperMoneyWanted.com. The goal was to connect paper money sellers with an enthusiastic buyer. I provide customers with free appraisals. Rarer notes will get immediate offers. I’m also happy to research notes for you.

Subsequent changes in the online marketing landscape have necessitated multiple upgrades and design changes. PaperMoneyWanted.com now boasts responsive design for desktop, tablet and mobile browsers. Most of all, you’ll still get the same personalized service, fair offers and easy transactions.

Due to high volume, I can’t reply to all emails and submissions. I buy less than 2% of the notes customers submit.

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