1933 $10 Blue Seal Silver Certificate Value – How much is 1933 $10 Bill Worth?

Value: 1933 $10 Silver Certificate value $5,000 or more in Extremely Fine condition.

This note is rare and popular in almost any condition. 1933 $10 Silver Certificates are more valuable than most small size notes. Exceptions include the 1934 $10 North Africa Star Note.

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1933 $10 Silver Certificate Valuation

Paper Money of the United States indicates the government issued 216,000 notes. It printed far fewer star notes. Each note has signatures of Julian-Woodin.

You’ll notice the inscription “Payable in silver coin to bearer on demand”. This is unique among small size $10 Silver Certificates. The government decreased Silver coinage production during the early 20th Century. As a result, Silver Certificate bearers could no longer be paid in silver coin.

The government passed new legislation in the early 1930s authorizing alternative redemption methods. Moreover, the BEP began removing outdated 1933 $10 Silver Certificates from circulation. Dwindling numbers made them an instant rarity.

Subsequently the Bureau of Engraving and Printing had to redesign the Silver Certificate.

The 1934 $10 Silver Certificate is different. First, it contains the inscription “In Silver Payable to the Bearer on Demand.” Second, the government printed them in massive quantities. Therefore, these notes are much less valuable. You can still find them in circulation.

The Bottom Line

Collectors consider the 1933 $10 Silver Certificate a modern day rarity. Some 80 examples are known to date.

A 1933 $10 Silver Certificate will value from $3,000 to $100,000 depending on its condition. There is just 1 star note known. It likely values over $100,000. By contrast, the best 1934 $10 Silver Certificates barely exceed $500.

United States Silver Certificates History

United States Silver Certificates History.

1933 Ten Dollar Silver Certificate
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Item Info
TypeSilver Certificates
Seal VarietiesBlue
Signature Varieties1. Julian - Woodin
1. Type Note
Star Notes1 Variety with a Star Serial Number.
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Example RarityType Note, signatures Julian - Woodin with Blue seal. Important: Star serial number.
Comment: One of a few known or unique. Profound rarity. Can appraise on request. 5
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