How to Pack and Ship Paper Money

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Gather Items:
How to Pack - Gather Items

  • Packing Tape
  • Scissors
  • Legal Envelope
  • Two Pieces cardboard, cut to size of envelope

1. Remove gummed edge from envelope.
How to Pack - Remove Envelope Gummed Edge

2. Place note inside envelope. Leave note in plastic jacket if already enclosed.
How to Pack - Insert Note into envelope carefully

3. Cut 2 pieces of cardboard to size of envelope.
How to Pack - Cut 2 pieces cardboard to size of envelope

4. Sandwich envelope containing note between the cardboard.
How to Pack - Sandwich envelope between cardboard

5. Tape around cardboard sandwich. Top, bottom, left & right.
How to Pack - Sandwich envelope between cardboard

6. Place in USPS, Fedex, UPS or DHL container. Insure for purchase price. Send overnight.

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Extra Protection: Place cardboard sandwich from Step #5 into a bubble wrap envelope.
How to Pack - Sandwich envelope between cardboard

Shipping to other Collectors

You can mail notes USPS First Class mail or insured USPS Media Mail depending on the value of the notes. See the USPS Shipping Insurance and Delivery fee schedule for the latest prices.

Shipping notes worth less than $200 combined?

Uninsured media mail should be fine. Remember to save and monitor the package’s tracking code. Purchasing additional insurance will increase your cost and decrease the profit on your sale.

Shipping notes worth more than $200, less than $800?

Add insurance for extra peace of mind. Sign up for tracking notifications using your email address. If you’re shipping to a cautious customer, you may want to upgrade to Priority mail. Most small collections will fit in a standard USPS priority envelope.

Shipping notes worth more than $800?

Insurance is mandatory and it’s best to use Priority Mail, Overnight Express or USPS Registered Mail. This is especially true if your shipment exceeds $2,000 in value. This is just too much risk for most people. Monitor the shipment’s progress using USPS tracking notifications. For extra protection, request an adult signature upon delivery. Finally, call or email the other person to confirm safe receipt.

Shipping to Dealers or Auctions Houses

Auction houses and established currency dealers almost always have insurance on inbound packages.

That means you don’t have to insure the package yourself. Always ask first before mailing your notes. In most cases, they’ll request USPS Priority Mail or USPS Overnight Express with signature required. Insurance companies need to know that a package was reasonably protected, tracked and securely received before processing any damage or loss claims.

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  1. Can you ship paper money collections via USPS Media Mail? I am in the process of trying to sell some foreign paper currency we have collected over the years and not sure of the best (cheapest) way to ship it. Thank you for any and all information.

    • Hi Patrick and others, please see the new section I added to the tutorial above. In it, I discuss which USPS service is best for mailing notes of varying values.


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