1882 $10 West Virginia National Banks Charters

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1882 $10 Brown Back - Front
1882 $10 Brown Back - Front
1882 $10 Brown Back - Back
1882 $10 Brown Back - Back
1882 $10 Date Back - Front
1882 $10 Date Back - Front
1882 $10 Date Back - Back
1882 $10 Date Back - Back
1882 $10 Value Back - Front
1882 $10 Value Back - Front
1882 $10 Value Back - Back
1882 $10 Value Back - Back
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The following list of 1882 West Virginia Charters is not exact. More banks are listed than may have issued 1882 $10 notes. For exact charter issue info, see info below table.

Directions: Click column name to resort table. Example: To sort by Bank Name alphabetically, click "Bank". To sort by Charter Number (default) click "Charter". Arrow direction next to column name indicates order. Up highest to lowest, Down lowest to highest.

1882 $10 West Virginia National Banks
Bank Charter Charter Year
First National Bank of Parkersburg 1801801864
First of Wheeling 3603601864
Second National Bank of Parkersburg 8648641865
First National Bank of Fairmont 9619611865
Merchants National Bank of West Virginia of Wheeling 134313431865
First of Wellsburg 138713871865
National Bank of West Virginia of Wheeling 142414241865
Parkersburg National Bank of Parkersburg 142714271865
Merchants National Bank of West Virginia of Morgantown 150215021865
Merchants National Bank of Point Pleasant 150415041865
National Bank of Martinsburg of Martinsburg 152415241865
Merchants National Bank of West Virginia of Clarksburg 153015301865
National Savings Bank of Wheeling 159415941865
National Exchange Bank of Weston 160716071865
National Bank of Kingwood of Kingwood 160816081865
First National Bank of Charleston 179517951871
First National Bank of Jefferson of Charlestown 186818681871
National Bank of Piedmont of Piedmont 188318831871
Wellsburg National Bank of Wellsburg 188418841871
Peoples National Bank of Martinsburg 214421441874
First National Bank of Grafton 244524451879
Second National Bank of Morgantown 245824581880
Citizens National Bank of Parkersburg 264926491882
South Branch Valley National Bank of Moorefield 302930291883
First National Bank of Huntington 310631061884
Charleston National Bank of Charleston 323632361884
First National Bank of Piedmont 362936291887
Davis National Bank of Piedmont 408840881889
Citizens National Bank of Charleston 441244121890
Traders National Bank of Clarksburg 456945691891
Huntington National Bank of Huntington 460746071891
First National Bank of Bluefield 464346431891
Kanawha National Bank of Charleston 466746671891
Elkins National Bank of Elkins 471847181892
Traders National Bank of Buckhannon 476047601892
First National Bank of Ceredo 477547751892
Citizens National Bank of Martinsburg 481148111892
National Bank of Davis of Davis 482848281892
First National Bank of Mannington 501250121895
First National Bank of Sistersville 502750271895
Farmers and Producers National Bank of Sistersville 502850281895
National Exchange Bank of Wheeling 516451641898
First National Bank of Saint Marys 522652261899
First National Bank of New Martinsville 526652661900
First National Bank of Ronceverte 528052801900
Farmers and Mechanics National Bank of Parkersburg 532053201900
Fayetteville National Bank of Fayetteville 543454341900
First National Bank of Hinton 556255621900
Citizens National Bank of Morgantown 558355831900
Montgomery National Bank of Montgomery 569156911901
Point Pleasant National Bank of Point Pleasant 570757071901
First National Bank of Moundsville 571757171901
First National Bank of Friendly 581458141901
First National Bank of Alderson 590359031901
First National Bank of Glenville 593959391901
First National Bank of Cameron 602060201901
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Those interested in precise issue information per state, charter and denomination should consult well known National Bank Note reference guides. Click here.

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