1929 $5 Brown Seal Federal Reserve Bank Note Value – How much is 1929 $5 Bill Worth?

Value: 1929 $5 Federal Reserve Bank Note value $25 or more. Star notes value $100 to $25,000 or more. Federal Reserve Bank district letter determines a note’s precise value. Some districts are much rarer than others.

Remember, value depends on condition. That said, this is a rare and popular note. The 1929 $5 Federal Reserve Bank Note is more valuable than most small size notes. Exceptions include the 1933 $10 Silver Certificate.

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Explain 1929 $5 Federal Reserve Bank Note Value

Paper Money of the United States indicates the government issued thousands of notes across 11 Federal Reserve Districts. It printed far fewer star notes for some districts. Each note has Jones-Woods signatures.

Rare 1929 $5 Federal Reserve Bank Notes

Atlanta, St. Louis, Minneapolis and San Francisco non-star notes are less common. Notes in above average condition might be collectible. Remember, notes in better condition are are more valuable.

Boston, New York, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Dallas and San Francisco star notes are rare. Some notes value more than $15,000.

Don’t confuse these notes with National Bank Notes

Series year and upper signatures are the only major similarity!

1929 $5 National Bank Notes have black charter numbers on the left and right side. Serial numbers contain 6 digits. The bottom of National Bank Notes show the bank officials’ signatures. Federal Reserve Bank Notes list the district cashier and governor.

Also, there are 2 types of 1929 National Bank Notes. Type 1 Nationals do not contain the charter number in brown ink next to the serial numbers. Type 2 nationals do.

National Bank Notes were issued for thousands of banks across the country. Names will contain “First National Bank” or something similar. Federal Reserve Bank Notes all have “The Federal Reserve Bank of”. They were only issued for 11 districts: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Dallas and San Francisco.

In conclusion, 1929 $5 Federal Reserve Bank Note value depends on issuing district and condition. Many non-star notes are not valuable. These comprise most submissions to this website. But star notes from some districts can be incredibly rare. A new discovery would make numismatic news. Finally, don’t confuse these notes with 1929 $5 National Bank notes. They might look the same, but they are much different.

United States Federal Reserve Bank Note History

United States Federal Reserve Bank Note History.

1929 Five Dollar Federal Reserve Bank Note
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Item Info
TypeFederal Reserve Bank Note
Seal VarietiesBrown
Signature Varieties1. Jones - Woods
Varieties11 Banks Issued Notes:
Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Kansas City, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, St. Louis
Star Notes11 Varieties with Star Serial Numbers.
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Other Info1. Some star notes are valuable.
Example RaritySan Francisco, signatures Jones - Woods with Brown seal. Important: Star serial number.
Comment: Great find, note is highly collectible. Notes in new condition up to $30000. 3
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