1863 $10 Missouri National Banks Charters

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1863 $10
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The following list of 1863 Missouri Charters is not exact. More banks are listed than may have issued 1863 $10 notes. For exact charter issue info, see info below table.

Directions: Click column name to resort table. Example: To sort by Bank Name alphabetically, click "Bank". To sort by Charter Number (default) click "Charter". Arrow direction next to column name indicates order. Up highest to lowest, Down lowest to highest.

1863 $10 Missouri National Banks
Bank Charter Charter Year
First National Bank of Columbia 67671863
First National Bank of Saint Louis 89891863
Second National Bank of Saint Louis 1391391863
First National Bank of Saint Louis 1701701863
First National Bank of Saint Charles 2602601864
Fourth National Bank of Saint Louis 2832831864
First National Bank of Carondelet 4544541864
Saint Louis National Bank of Saint Louis 111211121865
Union National Bank of Saint Louis 138113811865
Exchange National Bank of Columbia 146714671865
Merchants' National Bank of Saint Louis 150115011865
First National Bank of Independence 152915291865
First National Bank of Hannibal 157115711865
First National Bank of Saint Joseph 158015801865
Central National Bank of Boonville 158415841865
First National Bank of Kansas City 161216121865
First National Bank of Sedalia 162716271866
National Bank of the State of Missouri of Saint Louis 166516651866
State National Bank of Saint Joseph 166716671867
Greene County National Bank of Springfield 167716771868
First National Bank of Springfield 170117011870
First National Bank of Shelbina 171117111870
Moniteau National Bank of California 171217121870
First National Bank of Palmyra 173517351870
First National Bank of Pleasant Hill 175117511870
Boone County National Bank of Columbia 177017701871
First National Bank of Paris 180318031871
First National Bank of Jefferson City 180918091871
First National Bank of La Grange 183918391871
Bates County National Bank of Butler 184318431871
First National Bank of Warrensburg 185618561871
Valley National Bank of Saint Louis 185818581871
National Bank of Rolla of Rolla 186518651871
First National Bank of Knob Noster 187718771871
Kansas City National Bank of Kansas City 190119011871
First National Bank of Clinton 194019401872
First National Bank of Trenton 196619661872
Citizens' National Bank of Sedalia 197119711872
Commercial National Bank of Kansas City 199519951872
First National Bank of Carthage 201320131872
National Exchange Bank of Jefferson City 205520551872
First National Bank of Lancaster 221822181875
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Those interested in precise issue information per state, charter and denomination should consult well known National Bank Note reference guides. Click here.

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