1934 $100 Green Seal Federal Reserve Note Value – How much is 1934 $100 Bill Worth?

Value: 1934 $100 Federal Reserve Notes value $110 in Very Fine condition. Star notes value $150 or more depending on Federal Reserve district. Notes from some districts are rarer than others.

Value depends on condition. Notes without stars are common. The BEP printed millions for each district. 1934 $100 stars are also common by collecting standards. Star notes from the Cleveland, Kansas City, Dallas and San Francisco districts are most desirable. They can value $800+ in uncirculated condition.

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Light Green Seal vs Dark Green Seal

Some notes have a light, limey green seal. Others have a dark forest green seal. Dark green seal notes are more common than light green seals.

Check for Mule Notes

Mule notes were printed with micro size numbers on the front and macro numbers on the back. The reverse can also be true. Only 1934 $100 Dark Green Seal notes can have mule plates.

The BEP’s transition from micro to macro sized numbers began in 1938 and concluded in 1953. During this time, multiple series, denominations and types had mule plate configurations. The government preferred to reuse older plates rather than destroying them.*

Ultimately, some mule notes became instant rarities because the BEP printed so few. Mule star notes are even rarer. I can help you identify a mule note. Submit photos of the front and back of your note.

Thus, 1934 $100 bills come in 6 possible varieties. Each has been rank ordered from common to rare. Some differences may exist depending on your note’s federal reserve district.
Light Green Seal Notes

  1. Non-star notes
  2. Star notes

Dark Green Seal Notes

  1. Non-star notes
  2. Non-star mule notes
  3. Star notes
  4. Mule star notes

*Source: Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money 1928 to Date by John Schwartz and Scott Lindquist

Explain 1934 $100 Federal Reserve Note Value

Paper Money of the United States indicates the government issued between 1 million – 6 million notes per Federal Reserve District. It printed far fewer star notes and mules. Still rarer are mule star notes. Each note has Julian-Morgenthau signatures.

United States Federal Reserve Note History

United States Federal Reserve Note History.

1934 One Hundred Dollar Federal Reserve Note
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Item Info
TypeFederal Reserve Note
Seal VarietiesLight Green, Dark Green
Signature Varieties1. Julian - Morgenthau
Varieties12 Banks Issued Notes:
1. Atlanta
2. Boston
3. Chicago
4. Cleveland
5. Dallas
6. Kansas City
7. Minneapolis
8. New York
9. Philadelphia
10. Richmond
11. San Francisco
12. St. Louis
Star Notes24 Varieties with Star Serial Numbers.
Mules10 Varieties have mule plates. Back required for identification.
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3. 1934A $100 Federal Reserve Note
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5. 1934C $100 Federal Reserve Note
6. 1934D $100 Federal Reserve Note
Example RarityKansas City
Reverse plate 113 & above, signatures Julian - Morgenthau with Dark Green seal. Important: Star serial number. Also: Mule plates.
Comment: Solid collectible potential. Notes About Uncirculated or better value to $3000. 2
Other $100 Bills
No Obligations Offers and Appraisals

Please submit a good photo or scan. It will be identified and evaluated. Understand there may be subtle differences between the image you see above and your note. Signatures, design, markings and note condition will determine the offer price. Notes in Uncirculated or better condition receive the best offers.

Appraisals can be estimated for wholesale and retail prices. Wholesale is what dealers typically pay. Retail is what a collector might pay. Retail is slightly higher in most cases.

Please visit this page for USA Paper Money Reference. Do not treat this page as a reference guide, it is for appraisal and acquisition purposes only.

2 thoughts on “1934 $100 Green Seal Federal Reserve Note Value – How much is 1934 $100 Bill Worth?”

    • 1. 1934C non-star serial number $100 Bills are worth 20%-40% over face. Most are common with Boston notes being a little harder to find.

      2. Cleveland and Richmond star notes are less common, please submit these notes for appraisal.

      3. Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis and San Francisco star notes are rare and valuable! Please submit now.

      4. Otherwise, your a non-star note would be collectible if it has a fancy serial number. Important: The note must be in perfect condition. Examples: A12345678*, C01010101*, G88888888* etc.

      If your note satisfies any of the above conditions, please submit for further information. Thanks! 🙂


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