1882 $5 Idaho National Banks Charters

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1882 $5 Brown Back - Front
1882 $5 Brown Back - Front
1882 $5 Brown Back - Back
1882 $5 Brown Back - Back
1882 $5 Date Back - Front
1882 $5 Date Back - Front
1882 $5 Date Back - Back
1882 $5 Date Back - Back
1882 $5 Value Back - Front
1882 $5 Value Back - Front
1882 $5 Value Back - Back
1882 $5 Value Back - Back
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The following list of 1882 Idaho Charters is not exact. More banks are listed than may have issued 1882 $5 notes. For exact charter issue info, see info below table.

Directions: Click column name to resort table. Example: To sort by Bank Name alphabetically, click "Bank". To sort by Charter Number (default) click "Charter". Arrow direction next to column name indicates order. Up highest to lowest, Down lowest to highest.

1882 $5 Idaho National Banks
Bank Charter Charter Year
First National Bank of Idaho of Boise 166816681867
First National Bank of Lewiston 297229721883
Lewiston National Bank of Lewiston 302330231883
First National Bank of Ketchum 314231421884
First National Bank of Moscow 340834081885
Boise City National Bank of Boise 347134711886
First National Bank of Hailey 389538951888
First National Bank of Pocatello 402340231889
Moscow National Bank of Moscow 458445841891
First National Bank of Caldwell 469046901892
First National Bank of Wallace 477347731892
First National Bank of Kendrick 479047901892
First National Bank of Genesee 480848081892
Idaho National Bank of Pocatello 482748271892
Idaho National Bank of Lewiston 560056001900
First National Bank of Saint Anthony 576457641901
First National Bank of Idaho Falls 582058201901
First National Bank of Payette 590659061901
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Those interested in precise issue information per state, charter and denomination should consult well known National Bank Note reference guides. Click here.

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